Our services are designed for your convenience, scheduled by appointment, and are typically finished the same day.


Curb Damage Repair

Includes repairs of damage on the face of the wheel, refinishing the damaged area, and clear coating the wheel. This process uses only professional quality paint and repair products. 

Straightening of Bent Rim

Includes straightening of bent rim caused by driving over large potholes, curbs, medians, etc.

Note: Bends on the face of a wheel are often irreparable.

Welding of Cracked Rim

Includes welding of cracked rim due to sudden pressure applied to the wheel from driving over large potholes, curbs, medians, etc.

Note: Cracks through spokes or near base of spokes cannot be repaired.

Bead Seal Repair

Repair of small air leaks between the tire bead and the wheel. 

Tire Sales

We are partnered with Tire Rack® to provide tire sales and installation. Stop by to have us help you choose the tires that are right for you. Click here for more info.

Multi-Piece Wheel Assembly

Includes disassembly and assembly of multi-piece wheels. Silicone seal applied when necessary.

Tire Mount & Balance

Includes dismount, mount and balance of tire. 

Note: Road Force® balance can be substituted in lieu of a traditional balance if desired.

Road Force® Balance

Road Force® balance of wheel and tire assembly. Includes Force Match when necessary to meet Road Force® specifications.


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