What is Wheel Repair?

When you say wheel, do you mean the tire?


Why does it cost so much to fix a wheel?


Yes and no, 

The "wheel" consists of two parts - Tire and Rim. When we say wheel repair we mean both rim and tire issues.


The common wheel on a vehicle in 2014 is about $700. This is due to the fact that wheels are no longer made of steel with a hubcap for aesthetics. The majority of vehicles on the road today have wheels made of aircraft grade aluminum with a painted, polished, or machined finish. We do our best at Complete Wheel Repair to provide quality work and a cost effective solution in lieu of purchasing a new rim.


Why am I constantly losing air in one of my wheels?

While tire air pressure fluctuates to a degree in relation to outside temperature, you shouldn't be losing air regularly. 

If you are constantly losing air or have a slow leak here's some potential causes:

  • hole in tire
  • insufficient seal between bead of tire and rim
  • insufficient seal between valve stem and rim 
  • bent rim due to large potholes
  • cracked rim due to large potholes